Magate Wildhorse

Founded: April 2012

Magate Wildhorse℠ has been established as a Toronto based strategic management consulting and international development practise. We offer single-project and ongoing consulting services to top management in government; international development partners; donors and program implementation professionals as well as to Medium, Small and Micro Enterprises.

Our services are delivered virtually as well as face-to-face.  Canada, USA, Europe and the Caribbean are our primary markets; however, we are delighted to serve clients in Africa and Asia.  Our core services include: corporate strategy solutions, from strategy development to evaluation and re-formulation; marketing; performance measurement: monitoring and evaluation; plus monitoring and evaluation systems tools. Within that mix we offer market and sales development, private sector development, research, training, workshops, one-on-one coaching and program management support.

Our primary business activities are classified under the NAICS Code 541611.  A CARICOM skills certificate allows us quick access to CARICOM markets. Our business model allows us to offer elite consulting and execution services at affordable prices; our model comprises a consortium of independent local and international associates and the use of ICT. Brandscout is our Toronto based In-Market Sales support partner for Caribbean Exporters looking to grow their business in the Canadian and European Markets. We travel internationally to serve our clients, and we help organizations transcend expected levels of success, despite the constraint of size.

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