Magate Wildhorse Consulting Announces  Strategic Partnership & Equity Investment with PassAsian


Toronto, Aug. 10, 2020 (Magate Wildhorse) ― Magate Wildhorse Consulting announced that it has signed a definitive limited liability agreement to enter into a strategic partnership with PassAsian (Pvt) Ltd. As part of the transaction, Magate Wildhorse will make a minority equity investment in PassAsian by exchange of 15% of shares. Magate Wildhorse PassAsian is brand through which both companies will deliver services under the partnership.

The financial value of the transactions is not disclosed. The partnership will allow the Corporation to continue its business model and expand its geographical footprint in South Asia.

Magate Wildhorse Consulting is a top-notch international provider of strategic management consulting services. Currently both Magate Wildhorse Consulting which comprises Magate Wildhorse Ltd, Toronto and Magate Wildhorse Inc, New York is (are) unencumbered and fully owned independent private corporations.  PassAsian is a fully own independent private corporation.

PassAsian is a globally known research, consultancy, and training company, based in Sri Lanka. Together Magate Wildhorse and PassAsian has begun the process of partnering to bring an increased range of services, scaled up projects and programmes, international perspective and experiences to their customers in North America, Asia, the Caribbean, Africa, the Pacific and other markets.  Despite the global recession caused by the  COVID-19 pandemic both organizations are optimistic that the partnership will bring tremendous benefits to their clients and boost their growth in each respective local and international markets.

Meegan Scott, founder and Managing Director of Magate Wildhorse Consulting said, “We are excited to enter this strategic partnership with PassAsian. Our interaction to date validates our shared commitment and desire to work together for advancing our mutual and individual visions.

We expect to rollout new and updated strategy planning, evaluation, research, training, and entrepreneurship solutions in the coming months”.  The partnership will support both profit and purpose initiatives ―including collaborations for delivering their respective commitments to the Decade of Action for Evaluation (Eval4Action) Campaign.

Samantha Pathirathna, Chairman of PassAsian said, “We are delighted to partner with Magate Wildhorse, and we look forward to serving customers in North America and expanding the international base of our business. Being a member of the Board will advance fulfilling my ambition of growing and supporting a multi-cultural firm with a focus on sustainable development”.

As part of the strategic partnership, PassAsian shall appoint one Board Member,  Samantha Pathirathna to Magate Wildhorse board of directors.  Meegan Scott, will be appointed to the PassAsian board of directors.

About Magate Wildhorse

Magate Wildhorse, is a global serving strategic management and international development consultancy. It serves clients in North America, through its Canada and USA offices― Magate Wildhorse Ltd, Toronto and Magate Wildhorse Inc., New York. We sell performance improvement, strategy and execution help, trust, reputation, and organizational learning solutions. Our domain of expertise covers all three segments of the strategy continuum. And include strategy development, corporate strategy planning through to re-formulation.

Our performance and improvement solutions comprise organizational assessment, evaluation, critical friend, monitoring, learning support, and performance reports. Within that mix we offer private sector development, entrepreneur capacity building, climate and environment, marketing and market research, training, workshops, market systems development, research, executive consulting and coaching as well as program execution support. In addition, we provide international trade, trade finance, climate finance strategy, FDI support and related solutions.

We are served by a core in-house team and an adjunct team of reputed expert associates and partners. Our solutions are available internationally: remote | face-to-face |blended We deliver top-notch solutions plus one hundred percent customer satisfaction―backed by two decades of experience.

Our Story At the end of the day people, health, relationships, and wealth are what truly matters. Magate Wildhorse ℠ is the articulation of a commitment to help organizations and their leaders succeed; by bringing focus, passion, integrity, and energy to the job of improving their condition.

About PassAsian

PassAsian is a globally acknowledged Sri Lankan Research, Consultancy and Training Firm. We are one of the most innovative consultancy partners on Research Studies, Baseline and Benchmark Studies, Feasibility Assessments, Surveys, Market Studies, Participatory Assessments and Participatory Planning Exercises, Organizational Strategy, Enterprise Modeling, Entrepreneurship, women and gender equity and empowerment, Business Process Outsourcing, ICT, Intellectual Capital, Project Management and HRM. We partner with both business and development sectors to identify the highest value opportunities, address their most critical challenges, and transform those organizations and projects “from Good to GREAT”.

We believe in building capacity through research, consulting, and training to unleash human potential and community potential to develop Sri Lanka which is one integral service. The firm originated in 1999 to meet the growing socio-economic developmental needs and efforts of the country and was established by a group of multi-disciplinary (Economics, Business, Sociology, Community Development, Management, HR, Psychology, etc.) and multi-cultural (representing Sinhala, Tamil and Muslim communities) academics and professionals in the field.

The primary aim of PassAsian is to contribute to the socio-economic development of the country with a vibrant and powerful private sector through permanent, peaceful solutions that enable a life with quality and equity to all citizens of the country.



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