Living Our Purpose


Are you a not-for-profit organization?

We are asked this question at least once each quarter.

So, here’s the answer.


We just take the social component of our business seriously.

We believe organizations, government departments, international development projects and professionals should have top-notch yet affordable services in the categories that we offer.

The reason being, those services are fundamental to the success of all organizations.  We offer corporate strategy planning, strategic planning, research, training, performance management and measurement as well as strategic marketing solutions for ensuring organizations can grow and succeed.

We know how important project management and strategy communication is to ensuring success in moving from strategy and plan to impactful execution. Hence, we provide support to organizations as well as to professionals who are looking for that confidential backstopping support or adjunct team member.

Our decision to leverage technology, conduct research and offer affordable yet high quality solutions was driven by the challenges we observed in different types of organizations and economies. Both developed and developing countries share the need for the kind of solutions that we offer.

Without them the nightmares related to relevance, impact, market share, growth, profit or funding can be horrific. Many organizations that became casualties along the organizational start, growth and re-invention cycle could have been thriving with access to the kinds of solutions that we offer. So, could many that struggle today.

Many professionals are now beginning to realize how our solutions can help them to deliver the outcomes expected of them.

Rigour, evidence-based, relevant, value, quality and doable comes with our solutions.

Still we strive to pack in fun, simplicity and shorter planning to execution times.

We are proud to offer our solutions— for a profit.

But we are also proud to ensure some organizations and individuals who cannot afford our solutions but whose work support a greater good for a community, country, region or group can access our solutions.

Each year we live our purpose by doing the following:

  • Make accessible significantly discounted organizational assessments and strategy planning solutions;
  • Contribute of our operational time and expertise to organizations;
  • Provide free or discounted workshops or coaching sessions;
  • Provide guidance free of charge or at a significantly donated rate to a professional in need of support;
  • Contribute a component of a solution to a client whose budget cannot support it; and
  • Share content that will help our clients and audiences to make the most of their consulting or execution solutions.

We do not exclude for-profit entities from our purpose driven solutions— because growing and fledging entities and their leaders are sometimes excluded from free or low-cost solutions. Sometimes they are excluded by their own schedules which conflict with the time for accessing free services during their prime production hours.  Entrepreneurs who are over 40 and just getting into business represent such a group.

The Noësis: MWildhorse Strategy and Performance Magazine serves as a vehicle through which we can live and share our purpose with wider audiences. It also provides an opportunity for practitioners, researchers, academia and students to achieve their goals while contributing to our purpose and to sharing our results.

“Helping organizations transcend expected levels of success, despite the constraint of size.”

We are proud to be a for-profit entity with a lived commitment and investment in the greater good!

Magate Wildhorse Ltd.