Left Behind: Authorship and Missed Opportunities for Professional & Business Growth

Who has been left behind?

Mainly the English-speaking Caribbean Immigrant entrepreneur, professionals, and  young graduates, both Canadian and Caribbean.  But they are not alone; members of the African Diaspora, skilled artisans and tradesmen, and other newcomer Publishbirdentreprencaribbkwhiteentrepreneurs often fail to carve out time for holding the ball on their second role as entrepreneurs and professionals. That second role is authorship.

Immigrant professionals and entrepreneurs who studied and left behind their professional and social networks are also left behind. Second, third, and fourth generation Caribbean immigrants can also be left behind given, the gap in entrepreneurial experience of the Caribbean Immigrant Community compared to other groups.

Pursuing authorship can be difficult with all the other things to be done while growing your business.

We know it can get busy, crazy busy especially for the solopreneur or the consultant trying to reduce the faming cycle; while growing and extending the size of the harvest.

The decision to write and the time allocated to writing should be balanced against where you are in growing your business, the type of business you run, and the level of expertise you bring to your industry.

Part of the reason publishing seems so unattainable has to do with the perception that only authorship of a book represents substance and credibility as an author.   Failure to set and act on writing goals within pre-set time periods throughout the year is another drawback to getting the job done.  It has been said that a “published book is the new business card”.  But the key to success is also about knowing your situation and capacity.

If writing a book is too expensive or time consuming at this time you can publish articles, videos, stories, and other short pieces that can help you to establish your expertise and fulfill your role as the author.   Taking that route allows you to dedicate the chunk of your time to growing your business, while strengthening your brand and trust through authorship.  Peer-reviewed pieces provide even greater credibility and learning opportunities for you as entrepreneur and author. Besides, the short pieces you write may become the content for a book before you know it.

Whether you are pursuing social or commercial entrepreneurship The Noësis presents the right opportunity to balance authorship and growing your business.  For the young graduate and new researcher, you have an easy opportunity to publish. For the expert or academic, paraded before you is the opportunity to publish, or benefit and contribute by serving as editor or peer-reviewer of works. Our double-blind peer-review process gives both authors and reviewers a sense of ease and objectivity in selecting pieces as well as in providing reviews.

Submission deadline

The Noësis is a hybrid Magazine/Professional Journal geared towards C-level executives, entrepreneurs, researchers, practitioners, and consultants with an interest in strategy, marketing, evaluation, organizational assessments, international trade, entrepreneurship, and international development. It will be circulated to senior executives, business owners and libraries.

Publish secondjob of consultanbktSubmit an abstract, trivia, story, anecdote, cartoon or the best 3000 words from your thesis or research paper.

Submit your paper for the Fall Edition today!  Deadline: August 30, 2018.

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