Is Strategic Thinking―Really All That Important?


It is if you are looking to explore or develop ideas, products, services or innovations that get you where you want to be.

So yes, Strategic thinking, can deliver what you need for getting to competitive edge.  Therefore, you will want it to be your number one.

Strategic thinking involves research, asking the right questions, and of course thinking. It happens in a formal strategic thinking process before moving into strategy planning. strategic thinking firemagatReading a booking, doing your chores, watching a video, nature watching and many other day-to-day activities might generate ideas. But strategic thinking for your business, career or other big moves is often designed to force you to think in a structured way about the next opportunity and how you might seize or create it.  It is designed to focus on what you could do to gain a competitive edge or  how to retain it.

Get hooked on engaging in regular strategic thinking activities today!

You might be surprised to find that completing a questionnaire designed to force you into a strategic thinking mode could deliver rich results.

magatestrategicthinkingStrategic thinking might be facilitated by the use of numerous tools and processes in a group setting or alone.

I have been speaking about business monkey, macaws, and mimics over the past days. If you are yet to figure out your business monkey and don’t know what the crap I am talking about, I invite you to take the survey at the following link,

This survey is not a customer feedback or customer satisfaction instrument; it is designed to give to you and your business as much as it is designed to share your thoughts and viewpoints with us.

Request for More Time to Complete Risk, Planning, and Entrepreneurship Survey

We received your calls and texted messages for an extension; we will therefore extend the deadline for completing the survey to midnight April 29, 2016.

You will find that a segment of the survey will force you into a bit of strategic thinking for your business, career in management or human resource management. You are bound to walk away with a few ideas or viewpoints that you would have come up with yourself.

Tell us about the point in the Survey when you got that “Bing” regarding your business monkey if you have not yet found it. It might also be your “monkey” regarding hiring and adding human talent to your business. Perhaps a seed will be planted and you will find your monkey tomorrow, next week, or even next month.

20 something minutes is a worthy investment in strategic thinking for career or business. Many thanks to those of you who have already completed the survey.

Thanks also for the feedback regarding your experience.

We thank the respondents who texted, called or Email to indicate that they have completed the Survey.

We look forward to the views of those who will share during the next couple of hours!

Have a great day!

Magate Wildhorse℠