What to include in your Draft or Proposal 2019

What to Include in Your Draft or Proposal

  • The problem, issue, idea or concept? Say whether it is new, a counter argument for an existing idea, news, or something unique to the Caribbean or one of its diaspora markets.
  • Who is the article aimed at? General public, professionals, practitioners, researchers, students, business owners, consultants.
  • Why it is important to your target readers? How will they benefit from this article?
  • How will your idea impact the public, organizations, entrepreneurs or their teams?
  • Is it a breakthrough? How can it be applied?
  • What research have you carried out? What professional and/or academic experience do you bring to the topic and readers?
  • What key messages should readers understand? Is there something that must be changed now?

Submissions must be in MS Word documents. Illustrations and images should be clear and impactful in communicating your ideas. They may include maps, photos, illustration, tables, infographics and other images that are properly labelled.

Deadline for final submissions: April 26, 2019.
Deadline for submission of drafts or proposals: April 15, 2019.

To submit your proposal, article or query, please contact Meegan Scott by Email at: magatewildhorse@gmail.com

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