Head to Glory of India Roti Cuisine― for Your Healthy Rainy Day Comfort Food!

Fish dishes and soups make great rainy day comfort foods.

Glory of India Roti Cuisine offers a variety of soups and fish dishes that will warm you up, fill you up, and keep your spirits high in spite of the grey and gloom outside.

On a cold and gloomy Monday the Daal Curry makes the perfect pick for soup lovers. It makes an even better pick if you are not a soup lover but need something to warm you up. gloryofindiacover

Last week, I tried the Daal Curry (Mild), I just loved it. Hot, flavorful, rich in colors and aroma―the turmeric yellow soup, rich with yellow split peas, green curry leaves, mustard seeds, and a variety of other herbs and spices is just what you need to arouse and satisfy your appetite. The rich glossy sheen together with the favours will lift your spirit and wake up your taste buds. For just $5.99, warmth, comfort, and a healthy dish Glory of India gives value for money.

But, if like me you prefer to have something to munch on along with your soup, then try the veggie, fish, chicken, or butter chicken combo. All combos come with Daal Curry Soup, rice, roti, vegetable pakora and rice pudding; prices start at $8.99.

You might even prefer to grab a wrap with your soup. Glory of India will make you the wrap of your choice from items on their menu.

No soup, just a hot delicious and healthy fish lunch or dinner please!

My first choice is the Malabar Fish Curry, a strong rival to the Restaurant’s signature dish―Butter Chicken. I will tell you straight up that I like small bony fishes that are rich in flavor and without thick chunks of flesh. But, the Malabar styled Fish Curry made with salmon, coconut milk and South Indian herbs & spices was finger licking great! Or should I say, finger licking awesome!

Like the Butter Chicken, favours just burst forth from the succulent fish dish. There was no smell of fish, the flesh was fresh and pinky orange; the orange tint from the orange brown curry sauce, this is definitely the fish lovers’ choice. I had both plain roti and basmati rice with my Malabar Fish Curry. The aroma of the basmati rice will waft up from the serving bowl to meet and delight your senses. Ben, Chef at Glory of India, knows how to make roti that is light, filling, somewhat papery and pleasant to touch. But the subtle buttery flavor of the roti is what has me hooked.

Besides the Malabar Fish Curry, there is the Salmon Curry, and Fish Tikka Masala.

If you’re not in the mood for vegetarian, fish, chicken, or shrimp you are sure to find something absolutely delicious in lamb, beef, or goat.

It would be mean of me not to tell you about the vegetable samosa, served with sweet and sour tamarind sauce. But, I won’t spoil the fun on this one, simply go and try it for yourself.

At Glory of India, meals are fresh, flavorful, colorful, and the portions are very large, they’ll wrap the extras for you too. You definitely get the taste and satisfaction of home cooked care, dine out class, and authentic Indian Cuisine.

Glory of India Roti Cuisine (Take out & Dine In) is located at: 1407 Queen Street West. Phone them at: (647) 349-5679 to order lunch or dinner for you, the family, or the entire team at work. They also deliver. See what others say about them on Yelp or Facebook . They are open today from 11: 30 am to 10:30 pm.

―Meegan Scott of Magate Wildhorse

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