Get Featured – Exit 9 to 5 for Entrepreneurs Who Called it a Day

If you are a Black or Caribbean Immigrant Entrepreneur who took the exit to 9 to 5 route for what you believe to be a better or worse outcome we would love to hear your story.

Entrepreneurship is not always the answer for every stage in your career journey or circumstances. Sometimes the best option is to pursue 9 to 5 or both business and 9 to 5.

Success, survival, good sense, timing, failure, been there done that.

Share your story of the entrepreneurial journey or business success before the downturn. Perhaps you took the 9 to 5 not because there was a downturn, but your business led you to a 9 to 5 that was foolish to refuse.

Tell it all and be featured in our forthcoming publication or get featured as an anonymous character.

If you don’t mind sharing live with a broad audience then let us know.

See flyer for how to participate.

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