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What you will learn?

How to create and use the planning matrix to:

  • Organize to get the right work done;
  • How to get more work for profit; and
  • How to improve your performance results.

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Why You Should Attend
There are 3 little things that often prevent an organization from achieving the competitive edge needed to succeed or thrive.
They are:

  • Getting organized in order to get work done;
  • Putting structures in place for getting work done; and
  • Getting more of the right work done for making a profit or surplus.

Many organizations have a business plan or a strategic plan.

Many host Board Retreats, strategic planning exercises, management meetings, trainings, and team building exercises yet fail to achieve the desired performance results.

No matter how hard they try they just can’t seem to get the right things done.

Where things fall apartThings generally fall apart at the point where strategy, execution, and execution tools should be tied together.

Why do things fall apart at this point?
Because there is generally no strategic management system for tying the two together.
But organizations can choose one of two proven tools for solving the problem, they are:

  • The Logical Framework Matrix; and the
  • Hoshin X-Matrix.

The tool you choose will depend on your processes and strategies.
Organizations that are implementing a LEAN Strategy and or Lean Process may prefer the Hoshin X-Matrix.
Either tool makes it so much easier to get your “Plan, Do, Check, Improve” right.

Tie the Right Knots

How We Can Help

  • We will create your Logical Framework  Matrix or your Hoshin X-Matrix
  • Provide hold your hand help to create Work Plans based on your Logical Framework Matrix
  • We will prepare, review and refine, or create your Quarterly and Annual Organizational Performance Reports based on your Planning Matrix

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