Enjoy the Fusion of Indian and Iranian Culinary Traditions. Try it Today for Just $10:49

Try the Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani at Glory of India Roti Cuisine at 1407 Queen St. W, today! The pelau or “Basmati rice pulao”, is made with nice chunks of boneless chicken breast. Ben serves up an Epicurean’s delight when he prepares this dish.  He is a master at serving up flavours― the rich natural taste of each ingredient just pops out of his dishes.  The Chicken Biryani is said to have been the dish of Nazim ruler of the State of Deccan.  Ben does justice to the heritage of the dish.  Dine like a King or Queen today for just $10.49. Believe me this lovely dish and meal deal comes in a portion that is enough to share.chickenbiryaniwhole

Yield to the temptation to satisfy your taste for something delicious and healthy. Savour the flavours of ginger, clove, coriander leaves, onions, and mint. Splash on the flavoured Yogurt and enjoy the feel of having coleslaw added. Surprise someone at home with this tasty meal.

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Order by phone at: 647-349-5679 |Visit them at: 1407 Queen Street West. |

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