Eavesdrop on E and O’Neil

Magate Wildhorse Soundcloud channel, audio stories for businessGo undercover for learnings in strategy execution and performance management on Magate Wildhorse Soundcloud Channel this May.

Eavesdrop on O’Neil at the office after dark and later on his date with E. Find out how they’ll tackle the problem of understanding the strategy and deciding on the extent to which the organization had made progress in realizing its desired advantage since the last strategic plan.

Don’t miss-out on the intimate journey of the forty-something year old executive in his effort to deliver the ambitions of his company.

We believe, taking the position of the fly on the wall won’t hurt if learning how your organization could benefit from a self-assessment; and what to include in your request for a similar solution is what you’ll gain from eavesdropping on E and O’Neil.

It’s Caribbean flavoured with just enough spice for global appetites.

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