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Last Call Humourist , last call for trivia

Last Call for Trivia!  Opportunity closing soon! 


Business humorist, storytellers, jokers, quiz masters and mistresses.

We are keeping a special eye out for pieces related to business, entrepreneurship, business and lifestyle, business and culture, performance management and measurement that is related to:

  • Canadians (All Canadians and all ethnicities and groups within)
  • Caribbean immigrant and diaspora entrepreneurs
  • Black entrepreneurs (North America, Africa, and the rest of the African diaspora)
  • Indigenous pieces (Canadian, Caribbean, and other cultures worldwide)



Your best pieces of humour, trivia, quizzes, riddles, that has to do with things business, trade, entrepreneurship, marketing, customer service, consulting, international trade, trade finance, finance, sustainable development, evaluation, markets, micro-business, hustling, academic learning versus business commissioned into business etc.

Format: Images, written words, games and illustrations


See poster.

Deadline: Midnight, Friday, October 25, 2019

Submission Guideline:

Special guidelines for Trivia Submissions

Humorists, cartoonist, graphic designers, and painters  may submit their names below their submissions in addition to the name under which they publish. All works in this category must be original and unpublished.

Word limit: 50 – 100


The Noësis: Double-Blind Peer Review Guidelines 2019

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The Noësis | November 2019, Fall Edition

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